Advisory ID : LINA/ADE-2023-0001

CVSS 3.0 score 5.9 – medium.
Click link to see details : NVD – CVSS v3 Calculator (

Date reported : 2022-10-22
Correction available  : 2022-11-12

Synopsis :

A vulnerability of type denial of service has been detected

Product :

LINA / ADE admin console

Version :

From 5.0 to 6.0 of Lina

Problem type :

CWE – CWE-730: OWASP Top Ten 2004 Category A9 – Denial of Service (4.10) (

Description :

This vulnerability, related to a buffer overflow in an undocumented Web API may lead to a denial of service (crash of the server) and using a well-crafted payload could lead to a remote code execution

Mitigations or workaround :

We strongly recommend upgrading Lina to 5.3.5 or higher which fixes this issue.


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