Flash end of live what about Lina/ADE admin interface

Since end of december 2020 most browsers announced they will no longer allow the execution of the Adobe Flash plugin hence making the admin interface of Lina/ADE versions prior to 5.0 unusable.

Current support policy of Atempo requires you since July 2020 to run a version  5.01 or higher so this should not be an issue.

However some customers expressed the need to be able to access older versions in some circumstances . (Archives etc .)

An open source application “electron” should allow those customers to still run the older admin interface for most functions.

Atempo distributes electron as part of the time Navigator distribution.

A package of electron for windows in zip format is available for download below


Unzip the file and this wil create a directory Atempo-Electron

The default URL is set to https://localhost:8181 but can be modified using a text editor

Edit tina.properties located below the resources sub-directory to change.

Once the URL set you can start the application AtempoAdmin.exe that will bring up the webpage


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