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      Eric CollartEric Collart

        CVE-2021-40438 Apache HTTP Server

        15 mars 2022 Product Security Team Miria : Troubleshooting & Security

        About this Apache HTTP Server vulnerability

        A vulnerability (CVE-2021-40438) has been disclosed on 2 September 2021 and has been fixed on 16 September 2021 in Apache HTTP Server version 2.4.49.

        Are ATEMPO products affected by this vulnerability?

        Investigation has concluded that ATEMPO products are not impacted by this vulnerability.

        • MIRIA

        We have checked the use of the affected software components for Miria. This applies to the entire product range for both current and out-of-date versions.

        Other Atempo products are not affected either, as they do not use Apache HTTP Server.

        To learn more about the CVE:

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