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      Eric CollartEric Collart

      Note: Restoration method changed for Miria 2021 R2 (3.14) and later, the below procedure cannot be used for those newer versions.

      Tested with Miria installed in folder c:\Miria on a Windows Server 2019 Standard.
      Standard PostgreSQL port 5433 is used.
      Test DB to restore is compressed, named TESTDB_5433_DATA_Backup.bz2 and located in Administrator’s download folder.
      Note: this article doesn’t handle AMM databse restore.

      1. Prepare new Windows server
      2. Let first Windows updates run and reboot
      3. Install good version of Miria Server + AMM Server if needed
      4. Install Admin UI or use the Web UI
      5. Connect to Miria as Admin (and define first password)
      6. Disconnect Admin
      7. Start a Command Prompt as Administrator
      8. Stop services:
        1. net stop ADA
        2. net stop mm_agent
        3. net stop mm_server
        4. net stop mm_db
        5. net stop ADADB_ADA
      9. Check there is no more process with name starting by “ada” (Task Manager)
      10. Rename actual data folder to data.old
        1. cd c:\Miria\Database\PostgreSQL
        2. move data data.old
      11. Copy an empty data cluster (provided by Miria)
        1. mkdir data
        2. copy c:\Miria\Tools\empty_ADA_cluster.zip c:\Miria\Database\PostgreSQL\data
        3. cd data
        4. PowerShell Expand-Archive -Path empty_ADA_cluster.zip -DestinationPath .
      12. Copy the previous database configuration
        1. copy ..\data.old\postgresql.conf .
      13. Restart the PostgreSQL ADADB_ADA service
        1. net start ADADB_ADA
      14. Unzip the backup file if compressed
        1. c:\Miria\Tools\bzip2 -d C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\TESTDB_5433_DATA_Backup.bz2
      15. Restore the database
        1. cd c:\Miria\Database\PostgreSQL\bin
        2. psql.exe -p 5433 -q -f ..\TESTDB_5433_DATA_Backup -U postgres
          1. Enter “postgres” without the quote as password
      16. Restart Miria services
        1. net start mm_db
        2. net start mm_server
        3. net start mm_agent
        4. net start ADA
      17. If all OK, don’t forget to set back all services in “automatic”
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