Lina Software Alert Missing or Corrupted Blocks


When using a Lina agent version 5.x there is a possibility that under heavy system load or slow network conditions during a backup, some data blocks could be missed.This will result in the detection of missing or inconsistent blocks during compact or restore operations.


Atempo determined this is a software error introduced with version 5.1.6 of the Lina server, and is a consequence of the change of protocol between server and agent that appeared with version 5.0.


If a block is missing or defective this will impact the object making use of the block hence an error will occur when trying to restore any of these objects.

Because of the deduplication principle the block will not be sent again to the server if it has previously been backed up by the agent. Only blocks saved from agents version 5.0 or higher will be source of the issue, if the server is 5.1.6 or 5.1.7.


On the server, the parameter cpr.check_on_put should be set to 1 to avoid this error.In version 5.1.8 this parameter should have the value of 1 after installation or upgrade.

To check the value, with ade_admin -u superadmin run the command get cpr.check_on_put,theresult should be 1.If needed, use the command set cpr.check_on_put=1 to position the parameter.
The above will stop the problem from occurring but will not undo the errors that have already occurred. Support is working on a procedure to assess and repair the consequences with minimal interruption.

Version 5.1.8 contains a number of additional corrections and it is highly recommended to upgrade your 5.1.xsystem to 5.1.8 a.s.a.p.

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