Miria 2020 to release this week (Nov-2020)

Miria 2020 is released this week and brings new key evolutions addressing customer data protection and data movement needs:

Key features include:

  • Extended and powerful cloud integration offering support for migrating data back from the cloud to on-prem or simply switching to a new cloud provider.
  • FastScan functionality for our Lustre customers operating in very high volume HPC environments and having the need to archive / backup / move their data.
  • Ability to collect data on any S3 compatible storage now answering the needs from many customers to backup or archive their object storage data sets to the target storage of their choice.
  • New web based Archiving Interfaces.

For more information, please read our latest publication “Miria 2020 version

in this blog post we talked to Louis Laszlo (Director of Product Management) about how Miria is evolving and he gave us the big picture about the new usages addressed by this release.

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