Miria install error on a Linux server without X11

Miria installation will fail on a Linux server without X11 if the DISPLAY variable is defined.

You can check if the variable is defined using the command “echo $DISPLAY“:

  • a returned empty line means it is not defined => installation will run fine
  • some value returned means it is defined => installation will fail

You must either use a SSH client configured to not export the variable DISPLAY or delete the variable using command “export DISPLAY=

Miria doesn’t need X11 on a Linux server.
When X11 is not installed, the Miria installer will switch in console mode and run from the command line but it will be fooled and fail if the DISPLAY variable is defined.

This variable is an indication that X11 is available so the installer tries to run in graphical mode and fails with an error about a missing X11 library what is normal when X11 is not installed.

MobaXterm SSH client defines that DISPLAY variable by default (despite the fact that the host doesn’t have X11 installed) and the Miria installer will fail.

PUTTY SSH client doesn’t define that DISPLAY variable by default so the Miria installer will run fine in console mode.

If your Linux server has no graphical interface (X11) installed, you must use a SSH client that doesn’t define the DISPLAY variable or you can delete this variable if it exists using the command “export DISPLAY=” to get a successfull installation of Miria.

Thanks to Philippe Michel.

Atempo Team

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