Network ports for Lina/HSS/HVDS

Scope :

Avec la version 5.1.7 de ADE plusieurs possibilités sont disponible dans la configuration qui nécessitent une clarification

Firewall to be opened in both directions

HSS et HVDS-2 use by  default  port 23232

The admin GUI uses  http.port  by default this is 8181 is also used by  HSS replication

Lina agents as of 5.0 use  http.data_port  the default value = 0 to indicate it sis the value of  http.port

Lina (HTTP/SOAP) between agent and serveur for Legacy Lina agents < 5.0  9080 et 9443 par default non crypté et crypté

Lina cport for remote connexion to an agent  27261

Note: If http.data_port differs from 0 2 seperate webservers will be started the admin server (http.port) with 16 threads and the data server with 512



HSS : create using  http.port

Lina : create using  http.data_port (do not put 0 but the actual value)

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