PowerShell for Lina 6.0


The Powershell module for Lina 6.0 is available !

You can download it from: https://www.powershellgallery.com/packages/Atempo.Lina/

What’s New ?

  • Support for multi-server and connection using API key instead of login/password (Lina 6.x Only)
  • Tested against Lina 6.0 GA / 5.3.6 / 5.3.5 using PowerShell 7.3.2
  • Support connection using API Key on Lina 6 (see doc of Connect-LinaServer)
  • New Get-LinaNode cmdlet when connecting to master server (recommended)
  • New option -ApiKey in Connect-LinaServer
  • New option -Tag to filter agent by Tag (Get-LinaAgent -Tag)
  • New option -NodeName in New-LinaAgent to select node
  • Added a ServerType property for master/node/standalone in Get-LinaGlobalStats
  • Added a NodeName property in Get-LinaAgent
  • Get-LinaAgentGroup now displays Agent Groups with inheritance in Lina 6.0+ (legacy groups are not managed on Lina 6.0+)
  • Better handling of disconnections (error message)

Limitation : New-LinaAgentGroup does not have option to specify Strategy/Protection

Note : Support for Lina versions 5.x will be dropped in future release

Atempo Team.

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