Tina ports modification

Awaiting availability in the new Tina WebUI, you can modify Tina ports using the “old” Web interface on the backup server and propagate the changes to all agents.

WARNING – Be sure all agents are active before changing ports using that method in the catalog.

Of couse, no need to say that no bakup nor restore can be running during the changes.



You must start “Admin App” using electron module to run the old Flash based Web interface


Select the catalog on the left part of the screen


On the bottom right of the page, deploy “Advanced Operations

Une image contenant texte Description générée automatiquement


There, click on the “Modify Ports“ button


From that point, you can change the ports of Tina !
Again, be sure all agents are active in the catalog prior to change ports and, once changes are done, don’t forget to check the “Propagate to agents“ box before clicking OK

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