Tina Schedule the catalog maintenance task


The catalog maintenace is scheduled to run daily at 12h00

Part of this job is to synchronise catalog and HVDS storage

To avoid interaction of this task with backup/restore operations you might want to changethe schedule or tempoary suspend the task

How to suspend or change the schedule

Controling the cleaning task is done via tunables  as seen in the documentation extract below

date_run_catalog_gc : Catalog Cleaning Time
Time of day when the catalog cleaning is run via a maintenance job to actually remove all the objects marked as deleted in the catalog. For instance, to run the maintenance job at 7:00, set this tunable to 7.
Type: Integer
Environment Variable: TINA_DATE_RUN_CATALOG_GC
Name: date_run_catalog_gc
Values: 0 for 0:00 to 23 for 23:00

Minimum: 0
Maximum: 23
Default Value: 12
To be set on: Server
Binaries Impacted: tina_daemon
Group: Catalog
Category: Basic
disable_catalog_gc : Disable Daily Catalog Cleaning
Disables the automatic daily cleaning of the catalog.
Type: Boolean
Environment Variable: TINA_DISABLE_CATALOG_GC
Name: disable_catalog_gc
Default Value: no
To be set on: Server
Binaries Impacted: tina_daemon
Group: Catalog
Category: Basic


Setting Tunables

When you set tunables through the Web Administration, settings are recorded in this file:
• Windows. %TINA_HOME%\Conf\parameters.xml
• macOS. – Unix. $TINA_HOME/Conf/parameters.xml

To set a tunable

1. In the Web Administration, expand your catalog in the Tina Explorer.
2. Expand the Configuration node and click Tunables. The Tunables pane opens.
3. Click New Tunable. The Tunable Creation Wizard opens.
4. Enter the tunable creation parameters. This table describes the parameters available at each successive
step of the Tunable Creation Wizard:

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