Why you should upgrade Lina agents on Windows to 5.1.8 or higher

How Lina backups work on windows

Lina is offering near CDP continuous data protection.

On start up of the agent a full scan is done.

To limit the impact on performance after the initial scan Lina will only consider files reported as changed by the OS through events.


We have seen situations where Windows stopped sending events to Lina hence the agent therefore considers he has nothing to do

On systems that remain powered on for long periods such as servers or workstations using hibernation or sleep mode this could result in missing backups of file versions during long periods without alarms being raised.


The events are send by the operating system and this is out of the span of control of Lina

However as of version 5.1.8 the agent will monitor events over time and will reinitialize itself if no events have been received during some time

Reinitializing will result in a full scan and this will allow to catch up

It will also restart the request for receiving events

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